Diversity certification is an external verification process that assures an employer that you have the right mix of knowledge, skills and experience to impact the workplace.

The process consists of a:
  • Study Guide
  • Preparation Course
  • Candidate Project
  • Proctored, Online Exam at a Local Testing Center

Today, you can get CDE or CDP credentials through the Institute for Diversity Certification. Compare the CDP & CDE programs to see which credential is best for your career. 

Achieving diversity and inclusion credentials demonstrates your commitment to the field and indicates your ability to obtain measurable outcomes. 

Our program is unique because the Institute for Diversity Certification gives you more credibility, capability, and confidence. Not only will you learn real world practical examples, but you will demonstrate diversity and inclusion excellence with bottom-line impact.

IDC designees instruct online classes-- giving candidates a wealth of unique perspectives from which to build upon. Our designees also review candidate projects, contribute to the study guides, and make other suggestions to this up-to-date diversity education model. This level of peer involvement is another value-added feature to obtaining CDP and CDE credentials.

IDC's program is affordable and convenient. We offer live and online courses with your peers, and we have over 600 testing centers. This means that you can participate in a life-changing educational experience from anywhere-- including in the U.S., U.K., India, Canada, Brazil, Australia, France, and more! You're invited to join the most distinguished diversity and inclusion experts in the world!

The application deadline for the April 2015 exam window is Friday, January 23rd. Get your study guide and begin working on your Candidate Project today!

The last exam session in 2014 is now in progress. Forty (40) Candidates are scheduled to test during this window. Stay tuned to learn more about our newest CDP and CDE Designees!

NEW: Dec. 1st through Dec. 12th: Get a free 1-year Society for Diversity Membership, and save 20% instantly, when you apply for diversity certification. This will be the final promotion before the next exam season begins:  2015 here we come!

NEW:  Complete a job analysis survey. Tell us about your job so that our exam and preparation process can adequately meet your needs, as well as the needs of your employer. Please take 5-10 minutes to complete a brief survey if you are a:

  • Diversity Executive (e.g., Chief Diversity Officer, Vice President/Provost, Diversity Director or Diversity Consultant)
  • Diversity Practitioner (e.g., Manager, Coordinator, Employee Resource Group Member, Diversity Council Member, etc.)
  • Consultant, Volunteer or other professional

The Institute for Diversity Certification Announces 10 New Designees (Oct. 2014) 

Indiana State Approving Agency Approves IDC for Diversity Certification Licensing

The Institute for Diversity Certification Announces 12 New Designees (June 2014)

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You have three preparation options from which to choose:

  • Participate in an 8-week online class from anywhere in the world
  • Join us for an intensive three (3) day CDP or CDE preparation course in a traditional classroom
  • Purchase the study guide only, and prepare for the next testing window on your own. You will receive a free invitation to the 3-hour online exam review session. You may also choose to take the exam at a later date

Start preparing for the exam today! Here's how you can apply:

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