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IDC is a Global Skills & Competency-based Leadership Program with a Proven Track Record in Helping Organizations Transform Diversity & Inclusion Work
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IDC'S FOCUS: The Business of D&I, Outcomes & Sustainability

IDC is obsessed with great results! Our program hinges on tying D&I to the bottom line in order to achieve effectiveness and sustainability. The Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)™ and Certified Diversity Executive (CDE)™ credentials are unique indicators of success in equity, diversity and inclusion work. Both credentials are recognized by organizations throughout the U.S. and around the world. The difference between the two credentials is that the CDP enables an organization to broaden its definition of diversity and effectively manage the day-to-day aspects of inclusion. The CDE program takes your effort to the next level by helping you to ask important questions such as: Now that we have diversity, what do we do? How do we transition from mere buzz words to genuine inclusion, innovation, and agility? And how do we improve the organizational culture? Hence, the CDE goes beyond representation toward diversity of thought. Read the brochure

Unlike some programs with a heavy emphasis on theory, the CDP and CDE programs are developed BY Diversity and Inclusion leaders FOR Diversity and Inclusion leaders. Therefore, we include a heavy dose of data, case studies, best practices, and real life solutions.

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IDC has hundreds of designees in 5 countries and 35+ U.S. states. With year-round testing and access to 600+ testing centers, you can participate in IDC's credentialing program from anywhere in the world, at any time.  Read our brochure

Save 20% as a Society for Diversity member and get a head-start on recertification activities! IDC makes it easy to advance your career, apply next generation strategies, and get better results. Call 1-800-983-6192 for more information or simply apply today for CDP or CDE credentials. Reserve your space today-- seats fill quickly! 

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Whether you are starting out or stepping up, learning to lead or heading a large Diversity and Inclusion team, we sharpen your natural talent (or your passion for inclusion) and transform your perspective so that you can lead with confidence and get the most out of your career. As a strategic, courageous and confident leader, you will inspire collaboration and manage resources effectively.  Additionally, learn how to:

  • Utilize the latest research, data and best practices to ask the right questions about the organization's direction
  • Apply proven principles that strengthen trust and teamwork
  • Ensure continuous improvement and bottom-line impact
  • Identify opportunities and head off challenges
  • Establish credibility and communicate the organizational value of D&I
  • Energize and engage employees at all levels of the organization

IDC's program offers convenience, ​a proven process, and great results. Our credentials are designed to help you build a foundation for success, and clearly connect the D&I strategy to business goals. Click on the tab for the CDP Credential or CDE Credential for more about our competency-based approach to professional certification and continuing education.