Isn't Certification Like Every Other Certificate?
An Ongoing Commitment to Mastery

Certification is different from a "certificate" program. In a certificate program, individuals affirm that they have acquired a certain level of knowledge, usually by taking a class with a training provider or an educational institution. Prior knowledge and experience are not required, nor is it necessary to continue professional development activities in that particular subject.

Certification, on the other hand, represents a declaration of a particular individual's professional competence through knowledge and experience. And, it requires an ongoing commitment to professional development and mastery of a particular field through recertification. Typically, certified individuals are conferred with credentials that attest to the individuals expertise in a particular field.

How is a Certified Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Practitioner Unique?
​The Institute for Diversity Certification (IDC)® awards the Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)® and Certified Diversity Executive (CDE)® credentials to elite individuals who have successfully passed a rigorous standardized exam with an 80% or better, and submitted an approved professional work that has undergone an external peer review.

Completing this process demonstrates mastery of D&I through competence, confidence and credibility. Any employer that works with a leader who has diversity and inclusion credentials knows that they are hiring, promoting, or contracting with, a certified expert.
What's the Difference Between a Candidate and a Designee?
Certification makes all the difference in the lives of our candidates and designees.

candidate is an individual who is pursuing certification, while a designee has already completed the program and successfully achieved a CDP or CDE credential. Once an individual achieves the CDP designation, the person can become a candidate again if pursuing the CDE. Achieving the CDE, however, will supersede and replace the CDP.
How does IDC support the D&I community?
Our program does not simply "teach" to pass the test-- it prepares individuals to be successful in the field of Diversity and Inclusion, and to get consistent measurable results. Essentially, the Institute for Diversity Certification is a business management program that delivers competency-based education, and operates as a global framework for recognizing and rewarding high quality, knowledgeable professionals who strive for excellence in the field of Diversity and Inclusion. 

IDC provides ongoing technical assistance, resources on its Learning Management System, and professional development for candidates and designees. In partnership with the Society for Diversity, IDC also engages the broader D&I community through the annual Diversity 4.0 conference. 
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