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- Ken Coopwood, Ph.D., CDE   |   2011
I found my experience with the class to be one of both discovery and confirmation. It provided me with many extended paradigms regarding diversity executive work, and made solid information for use in leading complex human interactions. I felt the class and exam were unique experiences that are both necessary and exemplary of the skills to be possessed by chief diversity officers.
My experience with The Society for Diversity as well as my pursuit of my Certified Diversity Professional credentials were nothing short of superb. I found the coursework to be challenging, relevant and applicable with regard to today's workplace focus on diversity and inclusion. Even while studying for the exam, I was able to apply the knowledge I was gaining on my job and in my day-to-day responsibilities. 

I found the exam to be comprehensive, thought-provoking and provided an all-encompassing review of the competencies I learned. This experience was worth the investment and I would highly recommend this course to current and future diversity practitioners.
- Felicia Johnson, MBA, CDP   |   2016
I highly recommend the course and the study of this body of knowledge. It has proven beneficial to me and it allowed me to make headway on D&I with management and leadership. 
The best is yet to come!
- Dhana Moore, MBA, CDP   |   2016
This experience was awesome! It was great having a team supporting my efforts throughout this process, with support, structure and materials. Leah was awesome, and always available (not sure how she does this...amazing!). The exam itself was well laid out, and followed the information communcated in the CDP Exam Review session. Great experience; thank you!"
- Laura Bird, PHR, CDP   |   2013
The CDE certification aligned with where I am in my career and offered the proper level of challenge for a chief diversity officer. The courses were well organized and informative but most importantly AVAILABLE for review if your schedule did not allow you to make the meeting. The review session was comprehensive, yet quite taxing. My highest praise is directed to the Study Guide. I dare say it is one of the most complete treatises of D&I competencies ever. I have never seen so much 
D&I information in one place. 
- George Braxton, Esq., CDE   |   2014
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