"My experience with The Society for Diversity as well as my pursuit of my Certified Diversity Professional credentials were nothing short of superb. I found the coursework to be challenging, relevant and applicable with regard to today’s workplace focus on diversity and inclusion. Even while studying for the exam, I was able to apply the knowledge I was gaining on my job and in my day-to-day responsibilities.
I found the exam to be comprehensive, though-provoking and provided an all-encompassing review of the competencies I learned. This experience was worth the investment and I would highly recommend this course to current and future diversity and inclusion practitioners."
Felicia Johnson, CDP 
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

"I highly recommend the course and the study of this body of knowledge. It has proven beneficial to me and it allowed me to make headway on D&I with management and leadership. The best is yet to come!

I look forward to working with you and others to increase the knowledge, skills and results-driven impacts from D&I for the 21st century."
Dhana Moore, CDP
General Services Administration (GSA)

​"This is just a quick thank you for the opportunity to complete and become a CDP. It was a wonderful experience – from the classroom to the exam session. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful and the exam was as expected for a course on this level. There was no hidden or trick information-– the material in the book is also very helpful for my job functions. I look forward to completing the CDE in the near future."
Sylvia Henri-Wonasue, CDP
University of Maryland University College

"Thank you for coming out to Canton to give us on-site instruction. That was very helpful for us and I want you to know how much I appreciate your willingness to work with us. I am so pleased to have passed the examination!

The class was very thorough and the added PowerPoints were very helpful while you illustrated the concepts and points of diversity and inclusion. I felt that your teaching style allowed sufficient time for questions and explanations.

The examination was very comprehensive (as anticipated) and to the point. While I felt there were a couple of questions that were not specifically addressed previously, I felt that the answers could be drawn from inference or informed decision-making.

I would recommend this course to others who are interested in D+I."
Remel Moore, CDE
Coming Together Stark County

"The CDP Program provided me with valuable information that increased my knowledge, confidence, and competence regarding Diversity and Inclusion."
Wanda Copeland, CDP
Alvernia University 

"Overall I would like to rate the training session(s) as very good/excellent.  The review course in McKinney, TX was a great way to meet other D&I professionals and find out what goes on in their respective organizations.  In registering for the review course I was not quite sure what to expect.  In retrospect I think it should be a necessary part of the certification process just like the candidate project.

The facilitator for the review course was very helpful as she provided a thorough grasp of the subject matter. Also, the facilitator invited questions and answered the questions with practical application examples. Overall the facilitator was great!

From taking this review course and successfully passing the certification exam I now possess a sufficient knowledge level that would allow me to perform as an effective Diversity and Inclusion Manager for my company. Instead of just having a seat at the table, I am able to have a voice." 
Kimberly R. Powers, CDP
Harris Teeter, LLC

"The CDE certification aligned with where I am in my career and offered the proper level of challenge for a chief diversity officer.  The courses were well organized and informative, but most importantly AVAILABLE for review if your schedule did not allow you to make the meeting.  The review session was comprehensive, yet quite taxing.  My highest praise is directed to the Study Guide.  I dare say it is one of the most complete treatises of D&I competencies ever.  I have never seen so much info in one place.  While, the review session covered everything on the test, I would strongly urge any candidate to read the Study Guide and do the practice test as part of your preparation.

As for the test....It is no pushover.  Many of the questions have two correct answers with one slightly more relevant/correct than the other.  I was not sure I passed it until I received the results.  This is a challenging process, as well it should be."
George P. Braxton, Esq., CDE
Defense Contract Management Agency

"Class Experience:  Very impressed with the framework and structure of the class experience.  Looking past the ‘minor’ technical difficulties, I think the Tuesday/Thursday classes were great for a Gen-X learner, like myself.  It allowed me the opportunity to read in advance, allowing the information to be reinforced during the webinar/class.  Each of the instructors were knowledgeable, engaging and allowed time for Q&A and knowledge sharing.  Thank you for your leadership and dedication to making this certification program available.  I see the certification as an industry standard moving forward.  

Exam Experience:  The setting/atmosphere was great.  I was pleased that the testing center was open on a Sunday.  I did not have to disrupt my work week, and I appreciate that.  Also, the center staff was accommodating and friendly.  Very good experience." 
Stacye J. McCall, CDP
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

"This experience was awesome! It was great having a team supporting my efforts throughout this process, with support, structure and materials. Leah was awesome, and always available (not sure how she does this… amazing!). The exam itself was well laid out, and followed the information communicated in the CDP Exam Review session. Great experience; thank you."
Laura Bird, PHR, CDP
Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

"I felt the course was designed for executives allowing the flexibility to learn and participate.  If you missed the webinar the session was sent that week. The project could be designed to meet the needs of your organization.  The program also addresses a diversity of learning styles (visual, auditory and kinesthetic).  The exam facility was convenient and pleasant."
Jo-Elle Mogerman, Ph.D., CDE
Chicago Zoological Society

"My primary reason for being interested, enrolling and becoming a CDP, is that I work with compliance, and the law everyday....I have come to realize that the best results, the lasting results and changes are the ones where Diversity and Inclusion is the norm and not the second thought. The course allowed collaboration with other professionals and an expanded learning environment/community."
Tonia Buxton, CDP
US Army Corps of Engineers - Southwestern Fort Worth District

"I felt that the class provided its participants with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to assist in creating organizations that are diverse and inclusive.  The class also prepares participants to take leadership roles in perspective organizations that lend to building a social enterprise that is recognized both domestically and globally. 

My primary take-away from the class was the understanding of how successfully implementing diversity and inclusion practices into an organization can ensure three major outcomes:

- Recruiting and retaining high quality, high performance employees
- Positively impacting an organization's bottom line
- Maintaining a strong competitive global edge

My overall experience was extremely positive.  I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone because the information provided is applicable in all aspects of our life cycle."
Valerie McAllister, CDP
Virginia Department of Health - Office of Minority Health & Health Equity

"Once I had the opportunity to settle in and focus on preparation for the exam, I found the materials very informative and useful. All of the materials-- the lecture, PowerPoint, and book are complementary and provide up-to- date information. I am enjoying sharing my new knowledge and I feel much more confident in my role at the Medical Center."
Jasmine P. Taylor, M.D., CDE
University of Mississippi Medical Center 

"This was a worthwhile experience. I feel my competency regarding diversity management was definitely improved. Thanks again."
Nicole Dean, CDE
Belk, Inc.

"My experience with the whole process from preparing for the exam through the time of taking the exam was just wonderful. The pre-review courses, study guide and other materials were very helpful and user-friendly - -easy to understand and comprehend. The content of the materials has definitely increased my knowledge even more within my role at my present job. Thank you so much for this opportunity for I am very excited to have achieved this accomplishment. I would highly recommend your program to other peers of mine at other organizations that have assumed lead positions in diversity and inclusion. Thanks!"
Portia Osby, CDP
HealthSouth Corporation

"I enrolled for the courses along with the study guide and I would definitely recommend that route for anyone considering CDP certification. The online classes helped reinforce the content in the study guide and the accompanying slides rounded out the information and layered the learning.

Taking the quizzes after each chapter was helpful as well. Noting the pages in the study guide where the answers could be found helped reinforce learning as well. There is a lot of content to absorb, so having the recorded sessions available is invaluable as well--particularly the final review session.

The study guide and slides are resources that can be referred to over and over. They contain solid, high-quality content that capture the important aspects of professional diversity work. The other valuable resources were the colleagues who attended the classes online with me. Some of us established a relationship that will last long into the future. I'm glad I decided on this certification program and thank everyone who made it a great experience for me."
Maria Cole, CDP
The University of Montana

"It was important to me to become a Certified Diversity Executive because it allows us to better meet the needs of our clients, be up on the current diversity trends, and continue to expand my knowledge base.  Even though I have worked in the field for nearly 20 years, there is always more to learn when it comes to diversity and inclusion. This experience also allowed me to connect with other professionals and resources across the country." 
Tameka L. Taylor, Ph.D., CDE
Compass Consulting Services LLC

"I really enjoyed the professional and high quality content of the manual, PowerPoints and webinars. I refer back to them frequently. I liked being able to listen to the webinars live, but if other demands made it difficult, knowing I could catch up later, was great.  

I didn't like the exam at all :)  I thought I was well-prepared by listening to the exam review webinar multiple times, reviewing the chapter information, and lots of focus on the study guide questions.  However, I struggled with the wording of some questions on the exam, even when it was content that I thought I knew well...I left the exam thinking that I didn't pass... so I certainly appreciated the quick turn around in test scores, and the relief of passing!  I like receiving additional webinar and educational information, and intend to block the time participate.  I would definitely recommend the program and have."
Greta K. McKenzie, CDE

“I found my experience with the class to be one of both discovery and confirmation. It provided me with many extended paradigms regarding diversity executive work, and made solid information for use in leading complex human interactions. The class was well instructed and provided for instant feedback on knowledge presented, and concerns of class participants. Finally, the course was very adequate for preparation of the exam. It helped me identify the keener nuances of diversity paradigms, which caused me to approach the exam with confidence. I felt the class and exam were unique experiences that are both necessary and exemplary of the skills to be possessed by chief diversity officers.”
  Ken Coopwood, Sr., Ph.D., CDE
Missouri State University

“The setup and format were great for adult learning.  The material was broken up in a way that aided retention; providing the opportunity to share information with other participants was also very helpful especially since my class was comprised of people from academia, the corporate world and professional consultants.  After experiencing the class, the exam was challenging, but not insurmountable. Thanks for finally putting together a body of knowledge that will enhance the profession and bring the respect that the industry deserves.”
  Sonja Williams, CDE
  Passionate About Diversity LLC

“The webinair classes were very helpful and informative.  To get the most out of each conference call, you should read the relevant study guide material first, which allows for a more pointed Q&A session.  The entire learning process was intellectually rigorous, including both theoretical and practical aspects of diversity and inclusion.  It's been a while since I've sat for an exam so though the process was simple, it was intense : )  

Thank you for establishing the opportunity for D&I practitioners to obtain the credential.”
Karen L. Gilliam, Ph.D., CDE
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

“Overall, I had a wonderful experience with the CDP certification process.  I took advantage of the webinar classes, and I found them to be very helpful in reinforcing the information.  In addition, the webinars gave me insight into how best to study for the exam, because the webinars focused on the most pertinent material.  Furthermore, the webinars allowed me to ask questions and seek clarification.  

Concerning the exam itself, I felt that overall the exam was fair.  I felt prepared to take the exam.  There were questions that I answered quickly because I could immediately discern the correct answer.  However, there were other questions that I struggled to answer due to the wording of the question.  I found myself going back and forth between two answers.  On a few rare occasions, there were questions that covered content that I felt unprepared for.  Perhaps, I read it in the study guide; however, I did not recall learning about a few concepts.  I did appreciate the format of the exam being on-line and multiple choice and true/false questions.  I felt that this allowed the exam process to be quick and objective – either you know it or you don’t.  

Thank you for this opportunity to grow myself professionally in this field.  I feel that by undergoing this process I was forced (in a good sense) to refresh my memory and learn for the first time, in some occasions, some of the most important information for me to know as a diversity and inclusion professional.  I have undergone another diversity certification process, and I feel that this one is much more legitimate and structured.  In addition, I feel that the content was more thorough and useful.  Again, thank you!”
La Toya Smith, CDP
Brown-Forman Corporation

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