Notification of Exam Results
After taking the exam, candidates will receive a print out of their knowledge-based score report at the testing center. The print-out will indicate your score in each competency for a cumulative result. 

The cumulative score on the knowledge-based exam must be equal to or greater than 80% in order to be eligible for Certified Diversity Executive (CDE)™ or Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)™ credentials. Please note that the score must be a clear 80.00% as IDC does not round (e.g., a 78.23% is not a passing score). 

Unsuccessful Candidates will be afforded an opportunity to retake the exam at any time. There is no waiting period to retest. However, IDC does recommend that candidates listen to the exam review session prior to retesting. The retest fee is $599 for either credential, and the exam fee will be for a one-time sitting.

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The Candidate Project results and knowledge-based exam scores are separate (i.e., a passing score in one will not offset the other). 

You will be notified in email as to whether you passed the Candidate Project within one (1) week of submission. A successful notice will not contain any qualitative feedback or interpretive remarks. In accordance with accepted certification program standards, this level of feedback is strictly prohibited because it raises issues around fairness and test security.

​Unsuccessful projects will be returned via email. If the Candidate passed the knowledge exam but did not pass the candidate project, the credentials will not be conferred until the Candidate successfully fulfills all requirements. There is no fee to resubmit a Candidate Project.

Candidates must re-submit the project with the recommended changes. Upon re-submission, IDC will send the project to a different peer reviewer.