What's Your Legacy?
Recertification demonstrates your commitment to diversity, as well as proves your continued mastery of the field. It also indicates accountability. Employers and clients insist on the highest possible standards of personal integrity, professional competence, sound judgment, and discretion. 

Now that you have credentials, it's time to make a contribution to the field! From facilitating online classes or reviewing candidate projects, to writing blogs or contributing to the curriculum every two (2) years, our designees ensure that IDC's program is designed for diversity practitioners by diversity practitioners.

Take advantage of an opportunity to engage with global peers & get recertification credits.
1.  Pay the $50 recertification fee once every three (3) years
2.  Acquire 60 continuing education credits every three (3) years, OR retest
3.  Adhere to IDC's Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct
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Recertification Activities
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The CDP and CDE credentials are valid for three years; therefore, designees must recertify during each three year period in order to maintain their designation. The recertification cycle begins the first day of the month after notification of CDP or CDE success. 

Designees may either retest or earn recertification points by participating in professional development activities. If the latter option is chose, designees must accrue 60 continuing education credits per 3-year period, or 20 credits per year. The recertification fee is $50. 

If your credentials lapse more than one (1) year, designees must retest, but will not have to submit another Candidate Project. For a limited time, IDC is offering an alternative to testing for designees who seek to renew their expired credentials. These designees can simply pay a $250 fee and commit to additional professional development activities (e.g., by joining the Society for Diversity, writing blogs, facilitating online classes, and reviewing Candidate Projects).

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Recertification Credit Opportunities
Recertification credits must tie directly to the broad competencies for the CDP or CDE credentials. There are many ways for you to acquire continuing education units (CEU's) on your own or through the Institute for Diversity Certification (IDC).  Currently, there are opportunities to:

  • Review 2019 Candidate Projects
  • Instruct 2019 Online Classes
  • Contribute to the 2021 Study Guide

Please call 1-800-983-6192 or send an email to info@diversitycertification.org if you are interested in any of these opportunities. You may also use the Learning Management System (LMS) to volunteer for continuing education credits.

Calculating Your Continuing Education Credits (CEU's)
Participating in continuing education is a great way to stay fresh in this industry.

We recommend that you acquire 20 recertification credits per year. Once you attain 60 credits, there is no need to submit additional units.

You may log one credit for one hour of activity. As a best practice, enter the credits upon completing the activity.

Here is a guide to help you determine which activities are approved. 
4.  Keep us updated! Let us know if your contact information changes and share your successes in this survey.
Submit Recertification Credits
Make sure you keep track of your recertification activities throughout the year. You can submit your recertification credits at any time online. Please submit one activity at a time using hourly increments (e.g., 1.00, 1.15, 1.30, 1.45).






Date of Activity:

Number of 
Credits Earned: