A Candidate Project is a professional work that demonstrates your experience in the field of diversity and inclusion. Beyond understanding the mechanics of diversity and inclusion, the "professional work" indicates that you are also competent in creating diversity and inclusion tools that can enhance your effectiveness on the job. Completion of a “Project” meets the additional experience requirements for each credential. 

Each candidate will be required to complete a project before 12:00 p.m. on your exam date. You may submit your project as early as you choose, but late projects will not be accepted. 

If you choose an onsite preparation course, the concept for your Candidate Project will be developed and presented in class. It must still be submitted and approved in the peer review process.

All projects will be reviewed for thoroughness and impact. Our expectation is that you will submit a Candidate Project that is functional-- if not already in use. The project must be the candidate’s own work, and have been completed within the last year. If you have not completed one of these projects recently, and you need samples of what is acceptable, please inquire at info@diversitycertification.org.

Candidates who self-study, or participate in the online preparation course, shall choose one project to complete. The project shall consist of a:

For the CDP Credential
Diversity Climate Analysis or Diversity Plan
The Diversity Climate Analysis must sample at least 25 participants at the candidate’s organization, a local college, or a nonprofit. The sampling can take place via survey or focus group, and should be designed to assess the environment and create solutions to issues pertaining to diversity, cultural competence, communication, management, and readiness for change. Additional criteria may be evaluated. Alternatively, candidates may elect to prepare an actual diversity plan.  The diversity plan should reflect the organization’s goals, and be approved by senior leadership.

For the CDE Credential
Diversity Evaluation or Diversity Research
Candidates should rate and assess a diversity program at their organization or at an organization of comparable size and scope. The evaluation or research should review workforce statistics (including employee demographics, recruiting, retention, turnover, etc.), past and pending litigation, diverse vendors, marketing, customer/student/constituent demographics, leadership, communications, and budget. Other research pertaining to diversity and inclusion will be acceptable.

About the Candidate Project
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